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Puchi's Rambo       Puchi's Rambo

1993 Chestnut Sabino/Overo Thoroughbred Stallion
Puchilingui x Copper Anna
In Loving Memory


Puchi's Rambo       Puchi's Rambo

In 1996, during our extensive search for a BIG, GOOD LOOKING, EXCELLENT CONFORMATION, HUNTER-TYPE paint stallion with a GREAT DISPOSITION....we accidentally, came across Rambo! We literally found him in a deep, snowy pasture in North West Michigan. His hair was at least three shaggy inches long, but past the first image was just the horse we were looking for...AND he was a registered Thoroughbred too!!

We were never disappointed in him, or our choice, from the moment he arrived at our farm in North Carolina, until the day he died in a fluke pasture accident...(as he was cantering "sanely" to the gate to come in for dinner, he slipped on wet grass, fell, and slid into the root of the only tree in that area of his 4 acre pasture, hitting his head). He died almost instantly as we stood helplessly by his side!!

Out of all the foals he sired - breedings mostly limited to our own hand picked mares, he consistently fathered fabulous babies. ALL big, correct, excellent movers with FABULOUS dispositions and athletic ability. Surprisingly enough considering the fact that he was a pure Thoroughbred, in eight foal crops, breeding ONLY solid colored, Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Warmblood, and Draft Cross mares, (he was never bred to a paint), he sired less than 10 non-painted foals.

His favorite mare, Miss Lucky Priss, a solid black - not a white hair on her- Thoroughbred mare produced seven loud overo, Thoroughbred foals in seven breedings. This is an incredible feat, even for a registered paint stallion - unheard of for a Thoroughbred!!

All of his competing, youngsters have been successful in Hunter, Jumper, Dressage, and Combined Training disciplines. And they have ALL been loved by their owners for their sane, loving dispositions.

We miss Rambo more than words can say, but he left us with seven fillies and colts to continue his legacy. Jagged Illusion has stepped into Rambo's shoes in the breeding shed starting in 2006. We are retaining a couple of his lovely painted Thoroughbred daughters and one ISH filly for future breeding purposes.

Aside from all his wonderful "genetic" attributes, Rambo was one of the kindest, gentlest, most loveable horses I've even known. In all the years we owned him he never once nipped or kicked.

Thinking he had some prior under saddle training when we got him, one day I legged my daughter up on him bareback and lead him off across the arena. He rode fine...it was days later when we found out that he had never been ridden!! We then went about breaking him to ride, which was a total non-issue. Never a buck or fuss. You could ride him right past the broodmare pasture - he'd nicker a hello and keep right on going. He loved dogs, cats, donkeys and could be turned out with other geldings throughout his life.

He was indeed a very special horse and a best friend to us, all.

We miss you RAMBO!!!  Rest In Peace.

Puchi's Rambo Sire

Puchilingui - Native Royalty out of Carolinaway by Needles.
Owned by Gerald and Nancy Tyler, Cadillac, Michigan.


Tosa Pohawea

Rambo's Full Brother!
16.2 hand Maximum white sabino, Thoroughbred.
Jackie Burke's personal horse. Successful show hunter,
jumper, foxhunter, ranch horse and BEST FRIEND.

Tosa Pohawea

Jim & Jackie Burke
28354 South 4460 Rd.
Vinita, Oklahoma
Email - crosscreeksporthorses@yahoo.com

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