Irish Sport Horses

You want the big horse that does the banks and water at the big medal classes without qualm?

You want the hunter that will save your rear end every time and with good will?

You want the junior or A/O jumper that has the talent but isn't a difficult ride?

You want the family horse that is sound and sane, and will go to a show, and go foxhunting and go down the trail?

You want a horse "Custom Made" for eventing?

Just ask David O'Connor, Joe Montana, Macella O'Neill, Leslie Howard, Will Simpson, Rodrigo Pessoa or Damian Gardner about the Irish horses in their barn... they all had Irish Draught breeding! Custom Made, Cruising, Special Envoy, Ado Annie, McKinlaigh, Eezy, and so very many other top horses carried the tried and true blood of the Irish Draught. The Irish Draught as a purebred is a talented, big, solid, sane and willing partner. King of Hearts RID, a purebred stallion in Joe Montana's barn is currently winning in jumpers at Indio. Other purebred stallions have shown thier willingness and ability in hunting, grand prix jumping, dressage, driving and eventing. Their cross to the TB and other light breeds have produced everything from CCI***** top ten competitors, Olympian medalists to top equitation, hunters, field hunters, grand prix jumpers, top dressage horses, and best of all, a horse any amatuer could ride and enjoy while still being competitive.

We have the jump, the bone, the mind... you bring the mare!!

(Post above is courtesy of The Irish Draught Society)

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